#48 What is Common Between Weight-lifting, Coding and Megxit?

Last week, I heard the news that Meghan and Harry announced that they will “… step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent …”

Without knowing much about the English Royal Family, this felt like a big deal. Here is what NYTimes say about this.

In recent few years, there has been quite a few events, coincidentally or not, indicating that the world wants to be more separate: the Brexit in 2016 when Britain decided to leave the EU; the separation of voters that leads to the surprising election result in the 2016 US election; the Trade war between US and China in 2018, just to name a few.

Is our world falling apart?

Recently I have been reading the book Upheaval by Jared Diamond. The book is about how individuals and nations deal with crisis. I learned about how Finland stayed independent through World War II, the shocking number of soldiers sacrificed during the war, and how that has made Finland a resilient country, making itself one of the wealthiest in the world today.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Learning about history let me see the current events with richer perspectives — The world is not falling apart. Crisis, small or big, happens all the time. “Falling apart” is one of the steps of growth.

Back to the question: What’s common between weight-lifting, coding, and Megxit?

After weight-lifting, the reason you felt sore the next day is because you broke a bunch of muscle tissues. During the recovery period, the broken tissues take more nutrients from what you eat, and grow bigger and stronger.

In your first few classes of coding, you wrote whatever works. You spent painstaking amount of effort to debug, thank god it worked eventually. Then, you soon found out that your code took forever to run – you need to improve the efficiency. First, you need to break your code – it won’t run until you finish your better version, and debugging your better version. Again, “falling apart” is one of the steps of getting better.

Similar to weight-lifting and coding, I believe that Megxit is one step of evolving the English Royal Family, to become more relevant to the current era.

The Chinese translation of crisis is Wei Ji (危机): Wei means danger and Ji means opportunity.

I believe the world needs to take on a more positive view on events that seem to break the world apart. This is part of the process of future advancement.

Instead of being a spectator of the world, let’s all actively think how we can take the period of crisis as opportunities; reflect, learn, and use that learning to build a stronger future.

Thank you for reading! What is a news that you felt negative about? How can you make it into an opportunity to grow?

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