#18 Two Cents on: Time

The other day I listened to the podcast TED Radio Hour: Shifting Time. It is a fascinating topic. If you ever wonder “Why time seems much slower when you were younger? Is it true? Is there scientific evidence or explanation?” “Does the pace of change ever slow down in a person’s life time?” If you... Continue Reading →

Episode 63 Step Mother

Last week, I went back to China to visit my families with Jason. Yesterday I told Jason, “I absolutely don’t need any more pajamas but my step mother got me pajamas again, the fifth set! — well I actually kinda like them.” That conversation sits me down for this post. I grow up in a traditional Chinese... Continue Reading →

Episode 58 Target at Amazing

Have you gone through a period of time, that is so intense, from difficult relationships, struggles in life decisions, and that in some quiet night, you just whisper to yourself, "I just want a normal life..." Yes, me too. This blog is about what I learned during this period of time. It is about why... Continue Reading →

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