#19 Two Cents on: Wisdom

The other day, I listened to TED Radio Hour on Wisdom. In this podcast, a teenager speaker, on stage, said something like this, “If the only things you ask us are ‘How’s school?’ ‘What did you do today?’, you only understand the tip of an iceberg of us.” It hit me. Jason has two children.... Continue Reading →

#04 What I Have Learned: About Love

1. The Question One day we were walking down a quiet street, digesting our big Indian food lunch. Jason goes, “Here is a hard question. Feel free to not answer. What if Michelle dies tomorrow?” Me: “Not hard at all. Your kids will live with us. I will treat them as my own.” He looked relieved... Continue Reading →

Episode 63 Step Mother

Last week, I went back to China to visit my families with Jason. Yesterday I told Jason, “I absolutely don’t need any more pajamas but my step mother got me pajamas again, the fifth set! — well I actually kinda like them.” That conversation sits me down for this post. I grow up in a traditional Chinese... Continue Reading →

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